Model DroneX820S Dahua Quad-rotor Drone for Industry Application Remote control, 2 batteries and charger is included, camera / payload not included

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Dahua X820S Drone

  • Carbon fiber material
  • 940mm Diagonal wheelbase
  • Max Flight Time: 45mins
  • Max Speed: 25m/s
  • Max Transmission Distance: 3-10Km
  • Max Flight Height: 1500m
  • PTZ Accuracy: ±0.01°
  • Satellite Positioning Systems: GPS / Beidou / GLONASS

Remote control, 2 batteries and charger is included, camera / payload not included

System Overview

This product is a quadcopter drone which includes the aircraft, payload, remote control. It’s designed for public security, transportation, firefighting, border defence, agricultural and forestry, and energy industries. It provides a complete aerial video surveillance solution with long transmission distance, high hovering accuracy, and 30x/40x optical zoom capabilities.


Intelligent Mode:
The drone supports convenient operation with multiple intelligent modes, including flight route, waypoint flight, circle (points of interest), and direction lock mode. The drone can take off automatically and enable intelligent mode, moving according to the pre-set route / waypoints and points of interest. When the mission is finished, the drone will return to base and land automatically.

Security Mechanism
There are a series of security mechanisms which ensure safe and reliable drone operation. If the drone runs out of battery or moves out of the control range, it will signal an alarm and return to base automatically, triggering landing mode. E-Fence functionality makes setting flight boundaries easy, preventing the drone from flying into restricted areas.

Quick Assembly and Disassembly
All parts of the drone, including the battery, payload, propellers, antenna, and aircraft arms can be quickly assembled and disassembled, ensuring immediate mission readiness as well as quick extraction.

A variety option of payload
The drone supports to carry multiple payloads , such as visible light PTZ camera(2MP,6MP,4K), IR thermal PTZ camera, loudspeaker, casting device, which is suitable for critical surveillance tasks such as power line inspection, forest fire detection, public event management, bridge security, and police detection.

Accurate Positioning
Three satellite positioning systems used by the drone - GPS, Beidou, and GLONASS - ensure high accuracy positioning with ±1.5m horizontal and ±0.5m vertical accuracy. These three positioning systems also ensure near complete coverage of the global market