Security  Services

We will design the optimum positioning of the CCTV cameras, enable remote monitoring so you can view your business or home from even your mobile phone. Our CCTV engineers are equipped with the latest, cutting edge knowledge and CCTV cameras, this forms the essential ingredients to your CCTV INSTALLATION package. Another high end solution for our business is our digital CCTV installation packages - PC based CCTV solution which is easily migrated to your home computer, mobile phone, business computers etc. It is of the highest quality so an excellent choice for higher risk businesses or areas. If security, surveillance and remote monitoring is important to your business, then we are the right CCTV installer for your needs. Please contact us directly for further information. We offer many security solutions and benefits including: Our PC Based Digital CCTV Surveillance Security Systems connect CCTV cameras directly to a PC, capturing high quality digital images and storing them digitally on hard disk using our unique hardware compression Video Capture Cards utilizing H.264 COMPRESSION